…your relocation guide

I have moved to Mexico at the end of December 2020. The reason for my relocation from Canada was a growing concern about the stability of the economy as well as the increasing government overreach. I have successfully settled in Mazatlan where I live today.

I’ve moved my business 100% online, packed my bags and left on a cold December morning. 5 months after my move I run my first Moving to Mexico live webinar for which I had over 800 people sign up. The following interest in the relocation service prompted me to create the Resource Portal. I have helped over 100 people with all aspects of their move to Mexico and had witnessed many success stories conjured by those who found enough strength to liberate themselves from the fear of the unknown. My clients often send me updates and stay in touch.

My background is corporate consulting and self-sabotage coaching. I have successfully phased out from the corporate world in 2015 and started a coaching practice where I utilize my tools and wisdom acquired through personal experiences and courses around the world. Visit my coaching-centered website to find out more about me and me: www.margaretkeays.com

My intention is to bring closer to you the transition experience and to give you a detailed roadmap to moving to Mexico, should you decide to do so. You will get the benefit of my research, the latest experience of making that move happen and what I’ve learned from my mistakes.