Resource Portal

Good for you for seeking freedom in these times of transition. I’ve been helping families with their Mexican relocation since early last year. The very first step is to get well informed as far as what to expect and what is the best way to go about Mexican residency, finding a place to live, finding schools, banking, bringing your car, pet transportation, how to be safe and avoid overwhelm.

All that and more practical information is contained in my Moving To Mexico Resource Portal. It’s been created as a do-it-yourself relocation package with checklists and schedule ideas. This will be sufficient for you to get your mind around what is involved in moving to Mexico and where to start.

Individual Strategy/Planning Sessions

If you need help with strategy and planning I offer individual sessions for 110USD. In most cases one 60min session is enough to create a robust strategy and to do list.

Contact Margaret

If you have any questions about the services I offer, please reach out at [email protected]